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A Generation Media Group wedding is a lot like adding a couple more guests to your celebration because we're passionate about life, love, and creative expression. Our team is hands-on, vocal, and always engaged (because we do what we love!). We've also been responsible for countless weddings and have succeeded as a company that provides not only remarkable visual content but also stunning sound and lighting setups.
Whether it's our photographers, videographers or DJ's, we can guarantee your wedding day will go off without a hitch and most importantly, with peace of mind that you hired one extremely professional company, instead of three.

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We have the knack for it! Reserve one or two expert photographers who will capture your event from start to finish. You'll receive a full wedding album edited with our own unique GMG style.
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Our video team consists of two videographers at every wedding ensuring all the big moments AND all the little moments get captured. We invite you to preview our recent weddings to get an idea of our unique GMG style.
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sound & lighting

A gorgeous set-up with loudspeakers, stage facades and tons of creative lighting. And of course, a DJ that is in tune with his crowds and knows just how to keep the party going!


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Our Never-Ending Story..

In 2016, the foundation for a strong, well managed and extremely professional wedding company was built. This foundation started as Generation Sound, a company focused on providing quality sound, lighting and Dj's for the wedding celebrations in the Ottawa area. As time went on, and with a fiery passion to explore new creative professions, Generation Sound evolved into what it is today. A one stop for brides and grooms to get everything they need to immortalize the best day of their lives.
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Generation Media Group is a team of very good friends who all had a unique but familiar itch when it came to creativity. It resulted in a team who compliments each other's weaknesses and boldens each others strengths. Each member of the team bringing their own tried and tested skill to the table. Our vision is to continue on that exact path. Boldening each other; sharpening each others skills, and making every wedding a huge success.

Everybody loves a good destination wedding, right?

The team here at Generation Media Group has a strong passion for travelling which is why we offer our creative services anywhere in the world at no cost. All we ask is that you cover our airfare and accommodation while abroad. Our A-Game goes wherever we go.
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Recent Wedding Films

Relive the romance and joy of weddings with our exquisite films, capturing every precious moment in stunning detail.

Caroline & Brayden

Experience the magic of Caroline and Brayden's love story captured in a breathtaking wedding film that will leave you enchanted.

Victoria & Sebastien

Witness the warmth and sensitivity of Victoria and Sebastien's autumnal nuptials in a stunning wedding film that captures the essence of the season.

Elizabeth & Stuart

Join Elizabeth and Stuart as they celebrate their love in a heartwarming wedding reception film filled with intimate moments and joyous memories.

Karishma & Kaushik

Experience the timeless love story of Kaushik and Karishma in a captivating traditional Hindu wedding film filled with joy, rituals, and heartfelt moments.

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