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At Generation Media Group, we are passionate about creating captivating media that builds your brand. Our artist and business content development services are designed to help you craft a unique identity that resonates with your audience AND drives results.

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Media Kits

Find out more about our photography experience by downloading our specifically tailored media kits

Creative Direction

As a creative director, my media kit showcases my unique approach and extensive experience in crafting compelling and successful campaigns for a range of clients. It highlights my expertise in conceptualizing, executing, and delivering projects that exceed expectations and drive results.

Fashion & Lifestyle

As a fashion and lifestyle photographer, my media kit highlights my ability to create engaging content that resonates with my clients audiences. It showcases my expertise in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends, as well as my ability to collaborate with models to create impactful campaigns.


As a travel photographer, my media kit showcases my passion for exploring the world and capturing its beauty through my lens. It highlights my unique perspective and technical skills, as well as my ability to create compelling visual narratives that transport viewers to exotic destinations.


As a product photographer, my media kit showcases my ability to create stunning and impactful visuals that showcase the unique features and benefits of products. It highlights my expertise in lighting, composition, and post-processing, as well as my ability to collaborate with brands to create effective campaigns.


As an automotive photographer, my media kit showcases my love for cars and ability to capture their beauty and power through my lens. It highlights my technical skills in capturing speed, motion, and detail, as well as my ability to create compelling visuals that showcase the personality of each vehicle.

Commercial & Product

Barrhaven Financial 2022 Advert

Discover financial freedom with Barrhaven Financial - our commercial showcases their expert guidance and personalized solutions for a secure future.

64 Malichigan - Real Estate

Capturing the essence of 64 Malichigan and attracting potential buyers with our captivating real estate videos - a valuable marketing tool.

Scratch Jam Vol4 - Birthday Jam

Relive the excitement of Ottawa's DJ scratch meet up with our high-energy highlight video.

Festivillainz @ Club Alea

Experience the electrifying energy of Festivillainz's headlining event at Club Alea with our high-octane highlight video.

Audio Technica ATH m50x - Product Ad

Our high-quality product video showcases the features and benefits of Audio Technica's ATHm50x headphones, a valuable tool for driving sales.

Sennheiser HD650 - Product Ad

Experience the superior sound quality and comfort of Sennheiser's HD650 headphones in our high-quality product video - a valuable marketing asset.

It's Time to Toyota

What happens when your car goes into the shop? What really goes into an oil change or changing your tires?

Mercedes Benz AMG

Does this make you want to drive a limited edition Mercedes-Benz? It does for us!

Foreign Locales - S1E1 - Turkey

Join us on a heartwarming adventure in "Foreign Locales" as we explore how the love of travel is passed down through generations.

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