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Arc'hantael Ortega

"As a model, singer and actress, I needed a company to handle all my creative projects (photography, videography, audio engineering, website etc) and I am so glad I found Generation Media Group for that! Not only can they handle all of these aspects but they do it with the highest quality imaginable every time. My career wouldn’t be where it’s at right now if it wasn’t for them, I would recommend their services any day!"

Recordings to runways

Our work with Actress, Model and Singer Arc'hantael Ortega

engineering an album

On july 27th 2021 at 10:00am arc'hantael ortega came in to the recording studio for her first ever recording session. She had written an entire album over the past year and she was ready to take the next big step in her career - recording her first album.

from the first note, arc'hantael caught our attention. the juxtaposition of a thick parisian french accent singing english songs was unique to the ear. what was even more intriguing about this young artist was her classically trained high soprano voice performing pop/rnb songs. The entire style and sound of arc'hantaels' music was remarkable and we immediately sensed she had a very bright future in-front of her.

over the next 3 months, we spent many hours with arc'hantael in the studio recording, mixing and mastering her debut 13 track album that gained her lots of attention at ipop 2023 (but we'll get into that event later).

Have a listen to her first album below.

Shooting the cover

At Generation Media Group, we understand that quality music is only part of the challenge when seeking to become a succesful artist. we understand the importance of remarkable visual elements that accompany an artists' music and the potential impact those elements have on the success of a project.

Arc'hantael already had a basic idea of how she wanted her album cover to look, and the message she wanted it to convey; and she trusted us like she trusted us with her album, to ensure we captured her vision with accuracy.

The album 'Demember' was written about her toxic relationships and the way they affected her self-image. During this period of her life she was getting lost in her personas, had very bad self-esteem and didn’t know who she was anymore. She wanted her album cover to illustrate that, and thought the broken mirror surrounding her was the perfect way to do it. The purple theme was chosen as the primary palette colour for the album as it was another callback to her past and her favourite colour. The idea for the title was to mean "forget December" (de-remember) = Demember. As December was always one of the most difficult months for her considering she had a lot of bad memories during this time of year. Having the title broken up on the album cover by the broken pieces of glass was our way of showing the scattered, sharp and painful memories that we're sang about in this album.

producing a music video

After the album cover was finalized it was time to start building an effective epk (electronic press kit) which she would use to market her brand, and allow publications to market her brand efficiently for her.

One of the necessities for her EPK was a music video. Record labels, blogs, and her fanbase needed something visual, something moving to attach her to her music. so once again, we set off with arc'hantael to script, film and edit her first music video.

the song that was chosen from the album to shoot was 'on my way home' which was chosen after some deliberation. we collectively wanted to shoot something that was a little different than a typical performance based music video. our idea was to shoot a fully cinematic film without any performance scenes which visually and emotionally displayed the journey arc'hantael would take everyday on her way home. the goal was to make it as true to life as possible, and after finishing the video project, we got an overwhelming approval from arc'hantael.

watch the video for 'on my way home' below.

acting and modeling

we had a feeling that singing was only the tip of the iceberg when we first started working with arc'hantael and that feeling proved to be true as she diversified her career into modeling and acting in the spring of 2022.

Arc'hantael auditioned for ipop 2023, a well-respected, global talent competition hosted in Los Angeles california and was accepted to compete in not 1 but 3 seperate categories (acting, modeling and singing). The competition was going to take place in january of 2023 and there was a lot of deliverables she needed to submit before then.

ipop was requesting multiple model photographs in various styles (commercial, high fashion, sporty), multiple self-taped auditions for commercial and film acting placements, voiceover work for commercials, multiple instrumentals for her music she would perform in-front of the panel of judges, a comp card, and talent biographies.

Since she was ahead of the game with the release of her first album already, our team began planning multiple photography and videography sessions to start ticking off the boxes of deliverables. all the while, we were consulting back and forth with arc'hantael, helping her write her biographies in english to a professional level.

building a website

Arc'hantael, much like us, are future-proofers. if she wanted to stand out, not only at ipop but with her career as a whole.. she was going to need a place on the web where any talent scout, model agency, publicist, etc, couild find her.

this is why we built - a virtual portfolio and her personal space on the web.

she knew that having a website is a must for an artist. it would act as a 24/7 marketing tool, providing a personal platform for showcasing her music, her modeling content, and her acting porfolio. it would also act as a more personal way to connect with her fans from different industries in a more centralized location.

our team got straight to work, leveraging our decades of experience building and designing professional websites and a portfolio of already remarkably high quality audio and visual content for the Arc'hantael ortega brand.

click the image below to view arc'hantaels full website.

IPOP competition

In january 2023, we followed arc'hantael to los angeles to compete in-front of a panel of judges in the three categories she was accepted for.

after a couple days of workshops from industry professional models, musicians and directors, arc'hantael would perform her original music, recite her film scripts and walk the runway for a chance at becoming signed to an agency, a record deal or a movie role.

after the competitions, arc'hantael was ecstatic to find out that she had recieved over 15 callbacks from agency owners and judges who wanted to work with her! in addition, she was selected out of only a handful of models to walk the runway at the ipop 2023 closing banquet. to top it all off, arc'hantael won a gold medal for the category of self-tape audition which made the entire team happy as it was arc'hantaels skill and our quality of production that led to us coming home with a gold medal.

watch the documentary about our experiences at Ipop los angeles 2023 below.


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