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Get the absolute most out of your music with our first-rate audio engineering services.


Our music production team understands your unique sound and works with you to create chart-topping records that are unique to you.


With years of experience as recording engineers and access to top local studios, we work with you to get the best possible takes. No sugar-coating.


Our team of experienced audio engineers have worked with hundreds of artists and are dedicated to bringing out the best in your music.

We offer special rates for repeat clients!

Meet your new engineer!

"I'm going on twelve years offering audio engineering services and in that time I've learned a heck of a lot about music AND music people. I'm a no B.S. kind of engineer and I always speak my mind. Through my time working in professional recording studios, I've noticed a lot of engineers are 'Yes Men' and that will never be me. I care about my clients music as if it were my own, and you can take that to the bank."
- Warren van den Hoef (Warfy)
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Young black male artist being recorded by an audio engineer in a music studio


Choose a license option from our pre-produced catalog or set up a meeting to fine tune the musical direction.
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Whether you're local or abroad, lets get in touch. Connections to your local studio are a call away and we come ready to work.


As easy as sending stems on the web. Up to 256 stems, 1 week turnaround and a promise to care for your music like our own.

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