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"My life's work has been and will continue to be Generation Media Group. My in-house team and our long list of trusted associates are ready and happy to assist your company in meeting its business and marketing objectives. We try to set the standard for integrity, professionalism, and inspiration and you can guarantee our team stays dedicated, disciplined and relentless in our creative understanding. Let us handle your brand, so you can handle your business!"
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obsession with creativity
In 2009, we began our creative journey. It started with a love for music and the mainstream music channels accepting electronic dance music as a-lot more than just a fad. It was at this time, we decided that we were going to make a career out of music by learning everything there was to know about music production, audio engineering and DJing.


building a business
After studying business management and entrepreneurship in college as a backup plan, we remained steadfast in our goal to make a living from our music. Our first creative business, Generation Sound, was born from this passion. We knew that even if our music career didn't work out, we had the knowledge to turn any passion into a career.


We grew a lot as creative professionals, operating our mobile DJ company and pursuing our own music brands. Our love for creativity led to the transformation of Generation Sound into Generation Media Group, a full-service creative media company providing remarkable services for artists and businesses alike.


We have now worked with countless artist and business brands worldwide, providing not only remarkable visual content for their marketing efforts, but also industry standard productions and audio engineering. We've also implemented our own marketing services to better support our clients that are looking for that additional support to break through.
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